Ashford Green Corridor


Ashford Green Corridor

Most parts of the Ashford Green Corridor are nature reserves, parks and other green spaces alongside the Great and East Stour rivers where they pass through Ashford town centre. 

Key habitats:
River, wet meadow, wet woodland and scrub, ponds, lakes

Ashford Borough Council

20 ha

Parts of the Green Corridor are Local Nature Reserve; the River Great Stour and some other areas are Local Wildlife Sites.

Facilities available at this site

  • Parking
  • Toilets
  • Disabled Access
  • Waymarked Trail
  • Interpretation Panels
  • Education Pack

About the Site

Due to the risk of flooding on land adjacent to the rivers, and the protection of the riverside by the Borough Council, this land has remained largely undeveloped and now forms a series of interlinked open spaces of great value to the local community. Despite their urban location, these sites are often better for wildlife than riverside areas in the countryside, because they have not been affected by intensive agriculture. The Green Corridor retains features such as pollards – old riverside trees managed by regularly cutting the crown, of great value to birds and insects. There are many good areas for wildlife within the corridors, such as Queen Mother’s Park and Singleton Lake, encompassing a variety of wetland habitats. They are being managed with both natural and human communities in mind.

Riverine and wetland plants include water mint and yellow flag iris. There is a good dragonfly and damselfly fauna. White-clawed crayfish can be found in some watercourses. Water voles, amphibians and grass snakes all thrive here. Aquatic birds include great crested grebe, kingfisher, grey wagtail.


The Green Corridor sites occur throughout Ashford’s urban area, so it is not possible to give directions and acces information for all of them. Some of them have their own pages on this website:
Buxford Meadow
Queen Mother’s Park
Victoria Park and Watercress Fields

For other sites, go to the Ashford Green Corridor Virtual Visitor Centre

By car

The Green Corridors are readily accessible from many points close to Ashford town centre, and where the Great and East Stour Rivers pass close to the town centre. A number of car parks are available in the town centre.

By train

Ashford International station is close to the Green Corridor

By bus

Most sites are accessible from bus stops on Ashford’s urban bus routes – the A, B and C lines

By bike

National Cycle Route 18 passes through some parts of the Green Corridor


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