Keir’s Meadow


Keir’s Meadow

An area of former agricultural land which was purchased by Blean Parish Council in order to create a small nature reserve.

Key habitats:

Meadow, hedgerow, pond.


Blean Parish Council


0.8 ha


Facilities available at this site

  • Interpretation Panels

About the Site

Keir’s Meadow is an area of former agricultural land which was purchased by Blean Parish Council in 2007 in order to create a small nature reserve for the benefit of wildlife and local people. KSCP and their volunteers helped local residents create a number of new habitats on the site.

The meadow: It was sown in autumn 2008 with a variety of grasses and wild flowers such as ox-eye daisy, lady’s bedstraw, ragged robin and yellow rattle. The meadow is cut annually, after flowers have set seed and the hay is collected to help reduce fertility of the soil – wild flowers do best on soils with few nutrients. Neutral grassland of this type is the single most threatened habitat in the UK.

The hedgerow: Hedgerows are a traditional feature of the English countryside but between 1940 and 1990 almost half were lost to agricultural intensification, neglect or development. They are a valuable habitat for a wide variety of wildlife including butterflies, birds and small mammals. The hedge here was planted in 2008, using native trees like crab apple and the colourful spindle.

The pond: Ponds have great benefit for wildlife but sadly many of these features have been lost from the wider countryside. Look out for colourful  dragonflies like the blue and green Emperor. Water levels may fluctuate but seasonal ponds are valuable for newts and other amphibians. The pond was planted with marginals that like damp conditions, such as purple loosestrife and yellow flag iris.


By car

From the A290, in Blean village, turn onto Tyler Hill Road. Take the first left onto School Lane and park at Blean Village Hall (immediately on the right). There is a recreation ground behind the village hall – walk to the far side to reach the entrance to Keirs Meadow.

By bus

Route numbers beginning with 4 and 6, from Canterbury to Whitstable, go though Blean village on the A290.

By bike

The site lies close to the Crab and Winkle Way, part of National Cycle Route 1.

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