Neal’s Place


Neal’s Place

A small area of meadow and orchard with lovely views of Canterbury, a range of wild flowers and a nice wildlife pond.

Key habitats:

Meadow, traditional orchard

Canterbury City Council/Harbledown and Rough Common Parish Council

Approx. 7 ha

About the Site

The meadow has a number of wild flower species including ox-eye daisy. It is wet in places, situated on clay.

The orchard has 15 bramley apple trees and is a small fragment of traditional orchard – many of which have been lost. It encompasses a small pond with an important breeding population of amphibians.


By car

There is no parking at this site. There is limited on street parking in Rough Common (please consider residents). Walk up Lovell Road then follow a public footpath that will lead to Neal’s Place Road (National Cycle Route 1).

By bus

Route numbers 4 and 6 between Canterbury and Whitstable pass near the site on Whitstable Road.

By bike

The site is on National Cycle Route 1.

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