Queen Mother’s Park


Queen Mother’s Park

A small riverside park in Ashford with a variety of habitats, wildlife sculptures and pleasant river walks. Part of the Ashford Green Corridor.

Key Habitats

River corridor, meadow, trees and scrub


Ashford Borough Council


2-3 hectares


Local nature reserve

Facilities available at this site

  • Disabled Access
  • Interpretation Panels
  • Education Pack

About the Site

Once known as Henwood Nature Park (a name deriving from the small settlement of Henwood that once stood nearby), the river corridor and wild flower meadows of Queen Mother’s Park continue to provide a valuable corridor for wildlife in the heart of urban Ashford.  The banks of the Great Stour here have wide margins of riverside vegetation and in places blocks of mature native trees. In the past this land was probably sheep pasture – an 1876 Ordnance Survey map shows sheepfolds on the site. A darker side to the site’s history is illustrated at its entrance off the Hythe Road where a plaque commemorates the Martyrs of the 16th century that were persecuted for their religious beliefs.  The park is a useful link for both pedestrians and cyclists from Bybrook and Kennington to the town centre and beyond. The site is part of the Ashford Green Corridor.


By train and bus

Queen Mother’s Park is close to Ashford International station and several bus routes.

By bike

National Cycle Route 18 passes through the park.

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