Victory Wood


Victory Wood

This plantation woodland on former arable land has a Battle of Trafalgar theme with superb views of the Blean and North Kent coast. The wildlife value on this new woodland is developing, with farmland birds, small mammals, and common butterflies.

Key habitats:
Plantation woodland, grassland

Woodland Trust

140 ha

Facilities available at this site

  • Parking
  • Waymarked Trail
  • Interpretation Panels

About the Site

Overlooking the Medway and the sea, Victory Wood was purchased in 2004 and chosen to be the ‘flagship’ of 27 new ‘Trafalgar Woods’, one for each ship in Nelson’s fleet. Trees mark out the footprint of HMS Victory, and there’s a line of oaks taking the positions of Nelson’s arch enemy, the Franco-Spanish fleet.

Historically this was a wooded site – part of the Blean Woods, but after the Second World War the land was cleared for agriculture, leaving only a small patch of ancient woodland. A successful £2.25 million appeal enabled Sea Cadets to plant the first new trees here on the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar in October 2005. Now those young trees join up areas of ancient woodland and extend wildlife habitats.

A series of dramatic sculptures and the living interpretation of the Battle of Trafalgar attract and inspire visitors, including school children, who have recently helped plant more trees here as part of the Woodland Trust’s Trees For All campaign. Gifts in wills made a substantial contribution to this fantastic site.

There’s a good network of paths although some are steep and can get slippery, and some areas have grazing animals.


By Car

The car park for Victory Wood is on Dargate Road which runs between between the villages of  Dargate and Yorkletts. Grid Reference: TR093619

By bus

Route number 638 runs through the village of Dargate, less than 1 mile from the site.

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